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Robo-Advisor 2.0

The SMA platform is currently suspended to new clients. If you’d like to be notified when the platform re-opens to new clients, please email us at info@fplcapital.com.
The Self-Managed Access (SMA) platform is for DIY investors looking for institutional fund access and/or automatic portfolio rebalancing. The SMA platform provides access to any fund on the institutional platforms of Charles Schwab or Fidelity that FPLCM has access to. The Self-Managed Access (SMA) platform provides access to the following:

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  • Automatic portfolio rebalancing based on your investment plan
  • Strategic models
  • Institutional funds such as Dimensional Funds, PIMCO, Vanguard, and etc.
  • Private funds from companies, such as Goldman Sachs, Origin Investments, CRG, Blackstone, Starwood, PIMCO, Carlyle, Owl Rock and etc.
  • Interval funds from companies, such as Cliffwater, Stone Ridge, Versus Capital, Ares Capital, Pioneer Amundi and Bluerock
  • Wealth Management Portal featuring account aggregation, budget monitoring, goal planning, educational resources and much more
  • Quarterly portfolio reporting
  • Portfolio consulting ($250/hour)


$1,000 Annually + up to $1,000 Setup Fee*


*$1,000 annual access fee includes one account ($100 per each additional account). Setup fee is determined by the number of required custodian forms ($150/form fee). Any requested form processing throughout service is subject to a $150/form fee. Annual access fee must be paid in full. Households over $20 million may incur an additional surcharge fee of $150 per $10 million or increment thereof after $10 million.
Restrictions apply for automatic portfolio rebalancing. 
Vanguard institutional class shares are not available. Admiral class funds may be purchased.
Client must notify FPLCM via email when selling DFA funds.  The minimum holding period for DFA funds is 6 months. Failure to adhere will result in removal of accounts from the SMA platform.
Fund availability may vary.
Additional fees apply for transactions requiring paperwork ($150/form fee).